Product Based Services

Oracle Clusterware Agent Services

Oracle Clusterware enables servers to communicate with each other, so that they appear to function as a collective unit. This combination of servers is commonly known as a cluster. Although the servers are standalone servers, each server has additional processes that communicate with other servers. In this way the separate servers appear as if they are one system to applications and end users.

An Oracle cluster is a group of independent servers used in a network that cooperate as a single system. It is a technique used to create a highly available and easily scalable environment. If one of the cluster servers fails, the work previously running on that server can be restarted on another available server in the cluster.

Oracle Clusterware Agent as Resource

Oracle Clusterware manages applications when they are registered as resources with Oracle Clusterware. It has access to application-specific primitives that have the ability to start, stop, and monitor a specific resource. Oracle Clusterware runs all resource-specific commands through an entity called an Agent.

An agent is a process that contains the agent framework and user code to manage resources.

Application Based Services

Application Development & Maintenance

After having invested thousands of dollars in deploying core business solutions, it is natural that most organizations would rather maintain their existing solutions, than move to newer ones. Organizations typically spend 60 to 70 percent of their IT budgets on the maintenance and support of existing applications.

Myoor’s Application Maintenance Services relieves you of the burden of maintaining your applications that are draining your budget. Through its hybrid onsite-offshore global delivery model, Myoor provides the perfect balance of strategy, technology and business processes to meet the challenges of reducing costs, delivering continuous improvements, and driving innovations.

Business Challenges

Myoor understands the problems being faced by today’s organizations. Components that put undue strain on the IT budgets of any organization can be broadly grouped into three categories:

  • Dedicated resources on payroll for application maintenance
  • Administrative overheads pertaining to application maintenance, for example, workstations, facilities, and training
  • Cost and time required to manage applications

In order to support the above, critical resources are often diverted from core initiatives and this creates a negative effect on growth and profitability.

What We Offer

We deliver based on a highly structured, repeatable process that consistently delivers savings, quality, process improvements, and the benefits of high offshore staffing ratios. You get processes that are documented than ever before, thanks to our systematic knowledge transfer process. We work as a virtual extension of our client’s team by quickly adopting their methodologies. And, because we commit to carefully measured service-level agreements, you always know when we are meeting our promises.

Application Design & Development

  • Solution architecture and design services
  • Prototype development services
  • Framework design services
  • Application enhancement services